Supplementary Programs

AP offers a range of APM services for children with ASD of different age groups and different needs

School Shadowing Program

Mainstream school can be a challenging place. Our clinical team makes school a friendlier place for children with ASD with research-based techniques and skills.

International Consultation for Overseas Families

Our team of consultants travels internationally to provide expert ABA behavioral treatment and consultation.

Parent / Caregiver Training Program

Our Customised Parent / Caregiver Training Program is designed to suit the needs of the family. Aimed at resolving challenging situations at home, our trainer will work directly with your family and child on specific goal(s) to be achieved in a short period of time. These sessions will be offered at the date and time of your convenience.

Little Learners - A Preschool Program for Student with ASD

Preschool is both an exciting and challenging time for most parents. This is especially so for parents whose children have some challenges in the areas of socialization and communication.

Progressive Intensive Intervention Program (PIIP)

Unlock your child’s potential in 2 days of intensive program.

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