Parent Training for Autism (ASD)

Parent education and training are integral to the Autism Partnership Method (APM).

Raising a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be challenging. Parent involvement and their ability to implement consistent strategies are essential in obtaining the best long-term outcome for a child with autism. The more parents participate in the course of treatment and the more skillful they are, the closer we are to achieving the best possible outcome for the child. This program aims to help parents address and manage challenging issues that happen at home and/or in the community.

Our Customised Parent / Caregiver Training Program is designed to suit the needs of the family. Aimed at resolving challenging situations at home, our trainer will work directly with your family and child on a specific goal(s) that has been agreed upon.

Areas of training may include compliance, behavior management, and how to increase communication opportunities but not limited to these. The training format will be a combination of consultation, didactic lectures, and hands-on practice with your child. 

The Parent Training for Autism (ASD) Program includes:

2 hours of Consultation & Informal Observation

18 hours of Parent / Caregiver Training

Didactics and Hands-on Practice

Book & Access to Online Resources

'A Work In Progress' Book & 1-Year Membership Access

Who is the Parent Training Program for?

Our Parent Training Program is designed for:

Parent Training Program Details:

Program Validity
Session Details

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Jumpstart Program aims to jumpstart your child’s progress within a short period of time (5 to 10 days). The program is customised and may include one or more of the following goals* (depending on the needs of your child and clinical recommendation):
  • Addressing challenging behaviors which may arise from various sources of frustration, the lack of understanding, and also possibly the inability to wait
  • Building your child’s compliance to follow instructions
  • Equipping your child with critical foundational ‘learning how to learn’ skills to help your child be more ready to learn
  • Specific issues that are high on your priority
Following Jumpstart Program, parents can choose to:
  • To do another week of Jumpstart Program to work on other goals
  • To commence long-term 1:1 APM Therapy at AP Hong Kong
  • To engage our International Consultation services and Train-The-Trainer Program
  • Our clinical team will identify the critical areas of your child’s program needs
  • An individualised program will be designed to address your child’s needs including any challenging issues that interfere with your child’s learning
  • Commence teaching based on the program designed for your child
  • Provide recommendations on further treatment and follow-up options according to your family’s and child’s needs

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