APM Education Project (July – August 2024) Complimentary School Readiness Group Program

Within the group program curriculum, we’ll integrate pivotal learning-to-learn skills such as enhancing attention, fostering organization and planning abilities, and honing problem-solving capabilities. The goal would be to address pivotal group learning skills that will make learning in a group more meaningful for the children.

The entire training program will be filmed, documented, and promoted to the public to increase awareness and understanding of Autism (ASD) and the effectiveness of a group early intervention program. Parents will also be interviewed. This program is fully sponsored by Autism Partnership.

About Autism Education Project

The APM Educational Project aims to support families of children with ASD and address the importance of early intervention and the effectiveness of quality intervention with our unique Autism Partnership Method (APM).

Screening and observation sessions will be conducted. Only family/families selected will be able to participate in this project. 

Program Highlights:

  • A 5-day intensive group intervention to work on a classroom goal(s) for the children selected to be on the group intervention program.  
  • The program will be conducted in our fully equipped AP Singapore center 
  • An opportunity for families to witness the positive change in their child in a short period of time 

Program Details:


29 July – 02 August 2024 (Monday – Friday)


09:00 – 11:30 AM AND/OR
02:30 – 05:00PM



5 Days




AP Singapore


Complimentary  (not including accommodation, transportation, or any other cost incurred for arrangements made in conjunction with the program)

Daily Schedule:



09:00 AM –
11:45 AM 

Group Intervention Program 

11:45 AM –
01:00 PM 

Lunch Break (Family will need to pick up their child for lunch and drop them back for the afternoon session) 

02:00 PM –
04:30 PM 

Group Intervention Program 

Please Note:

  • Child has to be between 4 to 6 years old 
  • Child has to be diagnosed with or suspected to have Autism (ASD) 
  • Child must be new to Autism Partnership and have not attended therapy programs at any AP centers 
  • Parents must consent to AP filming and sharing terms including but not limited to the filming of the child’s progress and entire training program. This is done to share your child’s progress to the public and media to raise awareness on ASD and, educate the public on the importance and effectiveness of an early intervention program. 
  • All interested applicants must submit their interest via our interest form by 23:59 on Sunday, 30 June 2024.
  • Screening Interviews for selected families will be conducted at Autism Partnership Singapore center in July 2024. 

Application Form: APM Education Project 2024

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